Fox Spirit|stop-motion animation

It tells the story of a fox who collects beautiful male customers and makes them into mannequins. The work creates an old-time, hand-crafted, colorful and wacky artistic style, and the story takes place in a Chinese cultural context mixed Japanese elements and the effect of the stage lighting create an eerie atmosphere.

I am modernizing or updating the ancient myth. It’s a feminist work retelling of the myth using animation.Although Chinese women now have great rights in all aspects, the older generation still has a strong concept of patriarchalism, which has affected many young people. Female in Chinese society who are young and have a modeled appearance will be liked by more people, and this attitude(Public aesthetic) is discrimination against women. I want to make a hypothesis, because the society's incorrect attitude towards beauty leads to a sad story of pursuing beauty and going to extremes. Unlike some other stories, the fox spirit is a woman who has the ability to master the power of men. Just like in the present China, women still need to get more equality. This is why I use fox spirit.I hope that the public, especially the Chinese audience, will think about women's identity, cosmetic incidents or the current prevailing aesthetic standards, so that everyone realizes that the standard of beauty is not unique, and accepts people who have different aesthetics.